Comic strip

  • First 100 years are tough

    Martin Leeuwis (composer)
    Martin Leeuwis Publications
    X X X X X X
    200 pg.
    Review written by: René Verjans

    First 100 years are tough- Martin Leeuwis Martin Leeuwis took the 100-year mark for civil aviation and KLM in The Netherlands as an opportunity to publish this book with all kinds of  cartoons and drawings. Doing this now makes sense, for Martin used to fly himself – coming from the air force – with KLM […]

  • Michael & Stefan Strasser

    Chicken Wings 4 - Gold Rush
    X X X X X
    159 pg.

    Some books that I come across do deserve the originality price. This is one of them! The book contains a huge collection of comic drawings that stand on themselves or which form together with other pictures a short story. The stories take place on a nice little airport, the hangars, the platforms or in the […]

  • I want to fly!

    Gary Clark
    X X X X X
    160 pg.

    I trust there is nobody who – like Ding Duck – has had 5,000 flying lessons and still cannot fly! This endearing book is about a sweet little duck who, despite all the necessary materials being available to him: a tower, a flight instructor, a beautiful runway, and despite his very best efforts, he just cannot […]

  • 6th june 1944 Overlord

    Serge Saint-Michel, Mister Kit, ea
    English, French, Dutch
    X X X X X
    82 pg.

    There is a magnificent Hawker Typhoon on the cover of this particular comic strip, and that’s why I bought it. The book is an instructive one due to its many beautiful drawings coupled with the stories in the speech balloons. Operation Overlord is the complex campaign that heralded the liberation of Europe and eventually led […]

  • Biggles Recounts 1: The Falklands War

    Daniel Chauvin
    Dutch, English
    X X X X X
    48 pg.

    Biggles is the nickname of Captain James Bigglesworth. He was created by the pen of British author William Earl Johns, who was both an aviator and a writer. Biggles proved to be very popular and Johns wrote over 100 Biggles books during the course of his life. His first Biggles book was published in 1932, […]

  • Amazing airplanes / Fantastische vliegtuigen

    Gaby Goldsack
    X X X X X

    When I recently walked through a bookstore with my little boy of 3 years old, I found this book; “Amazing airplanes ‘! I’ve rarely seen a book so thick with so few pages and so little weight. A nice aviation kids book! It is a book with five themes from aviation. It’s about ‘enterprising pilots’, ‘air […]

  • Agent Orange 4: De oorlogsjaren van Prins Bernhard II

    Erik Varekamp, Mick Peet
    X X X X X
    79 pg.

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