Children’s books

  • How’’d they do that? Grandparents answer questions about the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart

    Joseph Howard Cooper
    X X X X X
    132 pg.
    ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1039176259 ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1039176256
    Review written by: Max Heldring

    The title of this book tells it all. Special for kids who wants to learn more about the great adventures of the heroes that conquered the skies in the early years of the last century.

  • Stranded

    J.E. Timlin
    Blossom Spring Publishing
    X X X X X
    267 pg.
    ISBN-10: 1916173535 ISBN-13: 978-1916173538
    Review written by: Joris Gonggrijp

    A review on the book ‘Standed’! There we go. Timlin’s goal was to write an adventure book for kids with a strong focus on aviation. It is the story about two friends with rather opposed personalities and interests, who get themselves and a bunch of fellow kids and some grown ups involved in a aircaft […]

  • Wings: Typhoon

    Tom Palmer and illustrated by David Shephard
    Barrington Stoke
    X X X X X
    105 pg.

    My daughter had books to read from school, so I made time to read this children book myself…. Two sisters, Maddie and Jess, play soccer on the last day of a summer soccer camp. Jess can easily shoot at goal but is totally distracted by an after burner of a Typhoon from the base nearby […]

  • Wings: FLYBOY

    Tom Palmer
    Barrington Stoke
    X X X X X
    88 pg.

    A book for children (8-18 yrs); of course you will let that one be read and reviewed by your daughter! ‘Funny’, ‘different’ and ‘unexpected’ my daughter called this book. It is namely not a story that you will read every day. It is a book for children and adolescents, but of course can also be […]

  • Michael & Stefan Strasser

    Chicken Wings 4 - Gold Rush
    X X X X X
    159 pg.

    Some books that I come across do deserve the originality price. This is one of them! The book contains a huge collection of comic drawings that stand on themselves or which form together with other pictures a short story. The stories take place on a nice little airport, the hangars, the platforms or in the […]

  • Flight

    Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
    English, Dutch and other
    X X X X X
    64 pg.
    978 90 257 4598 1

    I picked up this little jewel in the children’s section of a book store, on a shelf labeled “8 years upwards”. Well, I would love to be 8 all over again, because this is a beautiful book. Over the course of 50 pages or so, it deals with the basic principles of flying, outlines the […]

  • Amazing airplanes / Fantastische vliegtuigen

    Gaby Goldsack
    X X X X X

    When I recently walked through a bookstore with my little boy of 3 years old, I found this book; “Amazing airplanes ‘! I’ve rarely seen a book so thick with so few pages and so little weight. A nice aviation kids book! It is a book with five themes from aviation. It’s about ‘enterprising pilots’, ‘air […]

  • Alles over vliegtuigen

    Andrea Erne
    English, Dutch
    X X X X X

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