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(Websites in random order)
Passionate book(-writer)sites
www.humor.aero Site of Martin Leeuwis with ‘aviation humor- books’. Via this site you can also buy different nice books with cartoons.
www.jachtvliegersboek.nl Site of Martin Leeuwis with information of the book ‘Jachtvliegers in de koude oorlog- Flirten met de dood?’
www.europeanairlines.no Site of Rob Mulder who writes a lot of historic aviation in The Netherlands and Norway.
www.sharkeysworld.com Site of Commander Sharkey Ward, who wrote ‘Sea harrier over the Falklands’.
www.topgunbio.com Site of Dave Baranek who wrote ‘Topgun days’.
www.bookfinder.com Site is kind of ‘bookgoogle’. Handy to search for older and newer books.
Passionate flight clubs and flightschools
www.avianoord.nl Flight club Vliegsport Avia Noord at Eelde.
www.klmaeroclub.com KLM Aeroclub at Lelystad.
www.vliegclubhilversum.nl My Flight club Hilversum near Amsterdam.
www.vliegclubseppe.nl Flight club Seppe in the nice Brabant district.
www.vliegclubrotterdam.nl Flight club Rotterdam on airport Rotterdam The Hague Airport.
www.vliegclubtwente.nl Flight club Twente.
Passionate sites for pilots
www.pilotfriend.com Aviation portal.
www.fastaviationdata.com Aviation research company that provides Aircraft and Airport Software with 3,500 Aircraft photos and specification 8,148 airports to help you calculate the distance and time between airports.
www.connectingpilots.com Site which helps you to connect with other pilots and aviation fans.
www.airwork.nl Site with different kinds of information for pilots.
www.privateair.nl Site of René with lots of enthusiastic impressions of flights.
www.devliegendecoach.nl Site van de vliegende coach!
Passionate Airports
www.ehhv.nl Site of Hilversum Airport. My ‘own’ perfect and cosy airport!
www.texelairport.nl Site of Texel Airport. For a nice flight to a special airport!
www.oostwold-airport.nl Site of Oostwold Airport. This normally somewhat quit airfield organizes every 2 year a great airshow with lots of old warbirds.
Passionate museums
www.lomt.nl Aeronautical- & War Museum Texel
www.seppe.luchtvaartmuseum.nl Flying Museum Seppe at Seppe Airport.
Passionate sites for spotters and aviationfans
www.wiseoldsayings.com/aviation-quotes Site with aviation related sayings and aviation quotes.
www.aviation-links.co.uk Site of Howard J. Curtis with over 25,000 aviation and flight simulation links! E-mail him to add your site …
www.globalspotter.net Site with lots of information on the best sites to spot aircraft and pictures of civil aircraft.
www.milairpix.com Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb.
www.youlikeairplanestoo.com Site with lots of aircraft pictures and video’s.
www.airforces.fr Site with different kinds of information for aviationfans.
www.fasinfo.be Flanders Aviation Society in Belgium.
www.vliegrampfaro.nl Site of Cor ten Hove. Cor was one of the victims who survived the crash with the Martinair DC-10 at Faro in Portugal in December 1992. The site contains lots of information about the crash, the aftermath, research and consequences for the victims.
www.air-and-space.com Site with pictures and movies around the themes aviation, astronomy, and astronautics
www.fokkerf27.nl Site for lovers of the famous Fokker F-27. My first flight ever was in this type!
www.luchtvaart.2link.be Belgian site with a lot of links to aviation-related websites.
www.spotters.startpagina.nl The start portal for aircraft spotters.
www.luchtoorlog.be Site with lots of information of WW2 aircraft.
www.gras-spotters.nl Site of the Gilze Rijen Aviation Society (GRAS) with info of journeys, the ‘Take-off-magazine’ and of course everything about Gilze Rijen Airbase.
www.nederlandseluchtvaart.nl Site with lots of various information on Dutch Aviation.
www.vliegtuigenspotter.nl Site with basal spotter information for the civil aviation spotter combined with pictures and lots of spotterfacts.
www.spottersplatformschiphol.nl Site of 3 friends with Schiphol as their favorite airport.
www.pro-aviation.nl Site with lots of tips on the topic of aircraft spotting. Focus is on the best places to spot aircraft per airfield.
www.kosteraviationphotography.nl Lots of pictures and other information of aviation, museums, trips, etc.
www.apron6.wordpress.com Aviation blog from a Belgian southern neighbor with broad ‘impressions’ of aviation.
www.aviationslides.com Site with slides to buy of military jets.
www.protito.com Beautiful pictures of especially military aircraft. The pictures are mostly made on airshows since 1995.
www.steehouwer.com Beautiful pictures of especially military aircraft. The site contents pictures since 1975 who are mostly taken on airshows. Lots of pictures from the good old times.
www.airlinergallery.nl Lots of airliners and aircraft on photo.

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