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  • Michael & Stefan Strasser

    Chicken Wings 4 - Gold Rush
    X X X X X
    159 pg.

    Some books that I come across do deserve the originality price. This is one of them! The book contains a huge collection of comic drawings that stand on themselves or which form together with other pictures a short story. The stories take place on a nice little airport, the hangars, the platforms or in the […]

  • The Boeing 787: Dreamliner

    Claude G. Luisada & Steven D. Kimmell
    Schiffer Publishing Ltd
    X X X X X
    152 pg.
    ISBN-10: 0764346377 ISBN-13: 978-0764346378
    Review written by: Pedro Blas Gonzalez

    Besides flying, being around airplanes, and airplane watching and identification, nothing gives aviation enthusiasts greater pleasure than reading about airplanes and aviation history. Aviation enthusiasts are engaged historians of flight and the technology that has made flight possible. In many ways, the history of aviation is as intellectual as it is visual. From the beginning […]

  • Best Food Forward

    Colin Hodgkinson
    Frontline Books
    X X X X X
    223 pg.
    978 1 47389 762 5
    Review written by: Max Heldring

    From the stories of WW2 during the Battle of Britain the name of Douglas Bader is very well known as the ace without legs. He lost his legs in a prewar flight accident and with a lot of perseverance he became a famous fighter pilot. But there is another fighter pilot who flew without legs […]

  • The B-58 Blunder: How the U.S. Abandoned its Best Strategic Bomber

    Colonel George Holt, Jr.
    George Holt Jr.
    X X X X X
    140 pg.
    ISBN-10: 0692478817 ISBN-13: 978-0692478813
    Review written by: Pedro Blas Gonzalez

    I first saw a picture of the Convair B-58 Hustler in C.B. Colby’s 1966 book Jets of the World: New Fighters, Bombers and Transports. I discovered the book in the library of Buena Vista Elementary school. The year was 1972 and I was in the second grade. As best as I recall, the library had […]

  • Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    Commander “Sharkey” Ward
    Orion Publishing Co
    X X X X X X

    No trudge novel but again a real ‘aviation book’ for the night table! In my search for good books that cause your heart beating faster, I bought ‘Sea Harrier Over The Falklands’ of Commander ‘Sharkey’ Ward. The book is about the use of the then brand-new Sea Harrier in the conflict around the Falklands in […]

  • The crisis after the crisis/ Faro: de ramp na de ramp- van slachtoffer naar probleem

    Cor ten Hove
    Reed business
    English, Dutch
    X X X X X
    313 pg.
    90 5850 495 6

    December 21, 1992: Disaster strikes Faro, Portugal. A Dutch Martinair DC-10(owned by the Dutch Airforce and operated by Martinair) crashes at the airport leaving many passengers and crew members dead or wounded. Cor ten Hove, the author of this book, is a passenger on that plane. He survives, but his life will never be the […]

  • Van Pioniers tot professionals

    Corstiaan Prince & Gijs Dragt
    X X X X X
    111 pg.

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.

  • Biggles Recounts 1: The Falklands War

    Daniel Chauvin
    Dutch, English
    X X X X X
    48 pg.

    Biggles is the nickname of Captain James Bigglesworth. He was created by the pen of British author William Earl Johns, who was both an aviator and a writer. Biggles proved to be very popular and Johns wrote over 100 Biggles books during the course of his life. His first Biggles book was published in 1932, […]

  • Polar Winds

    Danielle Metcalfe- Chenail
    X X X X X
    224 pg.

    It gives a special feeling when you are reading on the 38th degree of latitude with 35 degrees a book about aviation in the Canadian region above the 60st degree of latitude with temperatures in winter of 40 degrees Celsius below zero, a difference of 75 degrees Celsius! At least the book provides cooling with […]

  • For the love of Flying: the story of Laurentian Air Services

    Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail
    X X X X X
    224 pg.

    How often does it occur that a historical researcher dives deep into the history of a beautiful nostalgic aviation company? Not so very often I believe, DHC-2 but this is in any way a  very successful attempt of the Canadian Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail. The combination of researcher, writer en specifically this aviation company (that unfortunately doesn’t […]