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  • BOEING 747, A History Delivering The Dream

    Martin W. Bowman
    Pen & Sword
    X X X X X
    248 pg.
    Review written by: Joris Gonggrijp

    A book about one type of airplane? At first I was afraid for an endless list of facts. But the development and course of life of this iconic plane however read like a novel: red ears from time to time, a lot of astonishment and sometimes straight emotion! After the Boeing 707 and dreaming about […]

  • The PILOT Factor : A Fresh Book Into CRM

    Jean Denis Marcellin
    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
    X X X X X
    92 pg.
    ISBN 1497374618
    Review written by: Max Heldring

    “It’s possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill”- Wilbur Wright. That statement sets the tone for this little book. CRM (Crew Resource Management) is then outlined from multiple point of views. This is a book about cockpit CRM. Next to the ‘theory’ luckily also a lot of examples are used in […]

  • Soviet Spyplanes of the Cold War

    Yefim Gordon
    Pen & Sword Books
    X X X X X
    96 pg.
    ISBN-10: 1781592853
    Review written by: Joris Gonggrijp

    This large book gave me for the first time insight information about the Soviet’s involvement in and around Israel during the period of just after the 6-day war (initiative Israel) and the Yom Kippur war (initiative Egypt and Syria). Surprisingly detailed the operational dedication of the MIG-25R (reconnaissance) under real war circumstances is explained, even […]

  • Imperial Outpost in the Gulf

    Nicholas Stanley-Price
    X X X X X
    238 pg.

    After having reviewed ‘History in the Arab Skies’ by Gerald Butt, quite by chance I came across this little gem of a book about Sharjah airfield, close to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Its author, Nicholas Stanley-Price, was the cultural heritage advisor to the Sharjah Museums Department in the UAE from 2007 to […]

  • 100 jaar vliegen voorbij

    Arie de Bruin
    Kosmos Uitgevers
    X X X X X X
    430 pg.

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.

  • History in the Arab skies

    Gerald Butt
    X X X X X
    232 pg.

    Imagine you can teleport yourself back to the year 1922 and then imagine that you are flying over 500 miles of unending sand from Cairo to Baghdad without any landmarks to help you. Oh, yes, there are no radio beacons and you don’t have any GPS, ATC, etc. How do you do that? Simple! You […]

  • Aerospace design

    Anthony M. Springer
    English, Dutch
    X X X X X
    191 pg.

    These days I am increasingly wondering whether I, as a reviewer of books, am critical enough. Could there possibly be a downside to holding a PPL License which might be causing me to devour only good books instead of reading mediocre to bad books and drilling them into the ground with a flourish? Is it […]

  • E.L.T.A. The first aviation exhibition Amsterdam 1919

    Rob Mulder
    X X X X X
    234 pg.

    Ever heard of this exhibition?! I had not! …. What you will first notice about this book is that it is relatively large. It is printed in A4 size and of excellent quality. When I opened it for the first time I noticed that it was written in a very detail oriented manner and that […]

  • Cessna 172 - A pocket history

    Ron Smith
    X X X X X
    978 1 4456 0086 4

    The best-selling GA aircraft in the world; the Cessna 172! That’s where this book is about. What strikes you first, is that it is a small book (about 17 x 12 cm). The book is 128 pages thick and a ‘must have’ for every Cessna pilot and owner. From start to finish the book is […]

  • De snelste mens ter wereld

    Bart Vandamme
    Uitgeverij Aspekt B.V.
    X X X X X

    A very nice book this time by Bart Vandamme from Belgium. For him it all started in October 2001, when he was invited to the annual “Gathering of Eagles” in the city of Lancaster (near Edwards AFB) in California. I never get invited for such gatherings! There he met people like Chuck Yeager, Bill Dana […]