• Jet Web CONNECTIONS in the Development History of Turbojet Engines 1920 – 1950

    Dietrich ECKARDT
    X X X X X
    738 pg.
    ISBN 978-3-658-38530-9 ISBN 978-3-658-38531-6 (eBook)
    Review written by: Alexander Beeck

    (English) Eckardt’s ‘Jet Web’ offers a comprehensive exploration of the development history of turbojet engines from the 1920s to the late 1950s. It primarily focuses on the intricate relationships and collaborations between the United Kingdom (& USA), Germany, and Switzerland in this fascinating journey. While the narrative repeats in parts the well-known ‘Whittle vs. Von Ohain Saga’,  it mainly sheds new light on unexpected connections and especially, the significant influence of axial compressor technology from the Swiss-German company Brown Boveri & Cie.

    The author, a gas turbine engineer, spent a decade meticulously researching and compiling this remarkable account, resulting in a weighty volume with some 250 informative b/w photographs, technical schemes and detailed drawings. This document provides an overview of the book’s content, emphasizing its unique contributions and the target audience it aims to engage.

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    • Dr Fred Starr schreef:

      Have just bought this book and have dipped into
      several times. A very thorough but discursive effort that will take a year to read and properly understand.
      Echardt is not afraid to criticise commonly held views. I wonder what the Rolls Royce Heritage Society will make of what Echardt thinks of their hero-AA Griffith

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