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Aviation is passion!

From the very moment I first laid eyes on an aircraft I was hooked and have been passionate about everything to do with aviation ever since. I shall never forget seeing my first “real” airplane. It was a dark orange CP-Air DC-10. It was at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. It was somewhere in the seventies, and I was 5 years old. From then on (almost) all I drew were planes and helicopters. Later on, as a young man, I had a good taste of several sporting branches of aviation, such as parachute jumping and soaring. I now fly a “Super Dimona” (made by Diamond Aircraft), which is a Touring Motor Gliding category plane. I have been doing this since 2005 and I fly out of the small Hilversum airport (EHHV) in The Netherlands.

As well as actively flying, I regularly read books about all aspects of aviation: civil and military aviation, aviation history, current aviation topics, children’s books, comics. You name it, if it has to do with aviation, I will read it! There is such a wealth of interesting information, amusing anecdotes and exciting details to be had from reading about aviation, that it makes the whole aviation experience that much more beautiful and fascinating. Often new and older books are unknown, and if you were to chance upon them on the internet or in a book shop, how would you decide whether they were worth buying or not? Where would you go for the reviews? In short: there are a great, many great books about aviation!

This internet site  seeks to be a portal for the aviation-enthusiast to all that has been put on paper about aviation. Its goal is to reveal the vast spectrum of aviation books by reviewing them. Otherwise all these passionate books would sink into oblivion, and that would be such a pity. I say; “join me and read it!”.

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René Verjans
The Netherlands, Utrecht


  • William Hoffman schreef:

    Good afternoon –

    Thank you for your time! I am a new neurology resident physician, aviation enthusiast, and US Air Force officer with a newly published historical fiction, aviation novel I hope Aviation Book Reviews would consider reviewing!

    Captain Robert “Mac” Hunt is a seasoned pilot whose life is centered around being in the captain seat of a wide body airliner.

    Living his life out of a suitcase has left him divorced. A lifetime of dishonesty has left him empty and alone. His career has filled many voids until one day his heart begins to skip beats. He learns he has atrial fibrillation. With nothing to lose, he lies to doctors about a condition that is suppose to end his career.

    While alone in the cockpit above the Pacific Ocean, his disease progresses and causes him to kill a crew member and injure dozens. A young female copilot and his previous student is called to save hundreds aboard.

    Faced with an investigation and certain criminal charges, Mac has to decide if he takes responsibility for his actions or bring about his own end.

    Thank you very much for your consideration! Please direct me if I am to take any further action or if there’s anything else I can send that may be helpful. Hope to hear from you soon!


    William Hoffman

    • abr schreef:

      Hello William!,
      Thanks for your mail! Your book is welcome for a review. Please send an email to reneverjans71@gmail.com and I’ll send you an adress. Can you also include a photo of the cover?
      Kind regards,

  • John B. Beck schreef:

    You have an amazing website.

  • Thomas Littleton schreef:

    Hi! I am a retired USAF F-16 pilot and my book, “All Aces, No Jokers: The Wartime Memoirs of an American Fighter Pilot” was published back in April…how can I submit a copy for your review?

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