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Aviation is passion!

From the very moment I first laid eyes on an aircraft I was hooked and have been passionate about everything to do with aviation ever since. I shall never forget seeing my first “real” airplane. It was a dark orange CP-Air DC-10. It was at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. It was somewhere in the seventies, and I was 3 or 4 years old. From then on (almost) all I drew were planes and helicopters. Later on, as a young man, I had a good taste of several sporting branches of aviation, such as parachute jumping and soaring. I now fly a “Super Dimona” (made by Diamond Aircraft), which is a Touring Motor Gliding category plane. I have been doing this since 2005 and I fly out of the small Hilversum airport, which is near Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

As well as actively flying, I regularly read books about all aspects of aviation: civil and military aviation, aviation history, current aviation topics, children’s books, comics. You name it, if it has to do with aviation, I will read it! There is such a wealth of interesting information, amusing anecdotes and exciting details to be had from reading about aviation, that it makes the whole aviation experience that much more beautiful and fascinating. Often new and older books are unknown, and if you were to chance upon them on the internet or in a book shop, how would you decide whether they were worth buying or not? Where would you go for the reviews? In short: there are a great many great books about aviation!

This internet site might be modest at the moment, but it does have the ambition to grow steadily through time. It seeks to be a portal for the aviation-enthusiast to all that has been put on paper about aviation. Its goal is to reveal the vast spectrum of aviation books by reviewing them. Otherwise all these passionate books would sink into oblivion, and that would be such a pity. I say; “join me and read it!”.

My intention is to post reviews of English books in both English and Dutch and German if possible. Likewise for books available in both English and Dutch. But for books written in Dutch, I give a review in Dutch only. Flag icons in the review indicate the language. This site is currently under construction, so please do check in regularly to see progress.

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René Verjans
The Netherlands, Utrecht


  • Beste René,

    Wat a splendid idea to start a website devoted to reviews of aviation books.

    Would you be interested to write reviews of the English translations of my two books on the Gloster Meteor? “The horse of Phaëthon” and “All horses of Apollo”?

    If so, I will send you a hard-copy of the second one and will ask Elikser Publisher in Leeuwarden to send you an ‘e-book’ copy of the first one.

    Best regards,

    Aart P.S. I operate mainly on Facebook

  • John W E Newby says:

    Have just discovered your site – wonderful! I have just self published a 286 page/+400 pics history on Lancashire Aircraft Corporation and Skyways of London. Does this look as if it could qualify for a review? If so I shall be pleased to send you a copy. Keep up the good work anyway! Kind regards John W E Newby

  • Mr. Verjans,

    I just discovered your site and wish you well with it. It’s a great idea — a huge challenge for you, but a great idea.

    I’ve written several books about the C-27 Spartan cargo aircraft and how it was used in Central and South America during the 1990s by the American Air Force. The most recent book, Flying Naked, just came out this month and is available on Amazon and in some two dozen small retailers in the U.S. If you are interested in reviewing it, I would be happy to send you a copy.

    Michael Bleriot

    • abr says:

      Hi Michael,

      Books are welcome for reviewing. See the adress below.

      We ask you for a voluntary (not compulsory!) contribution which we use to get qualitatively good translations made by a translator.

      Kind regards,

      Rene Verjans
      Impalastraat 34
      2325PN Utrecht
      The Nethetlands

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