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  • De Havilland Enterprises: A History

    Graham Simons
    Pen & Sword Books
    X X X X X
    2017 pg.
    Review written by: Joris Gonggrijp

    Captain Geoffrey de Havilland  (1882 – 1965) has established on 25 September 1920 the company which is now bearing his name, with financial support from his friends. The life story of – later Sir Geoffrey – shows remarkable resemblance with that of his contemporary Anthony Fokker. Both looking for a profession just after the turn of […]

  • Verhaaltjes, het houdt nooit op- Jan Algera

    Jan Algera
    Martin Leeuwis Publications
    X X X X X
    208 pg.
    ISBN 978 94 90008 192
    Review written by: Rene Verjans

    Unfortunately only in Dutch until now!

  • Men of the Battle of Britain

    Kenneth G. Wynn
    Frontline Books
    X X X X X X
    584 pg.

    This book is actually the most special one on my book shelve. It is the third edition of a book that was published in 1989 for the first time. The book is a kind of bible of ‘The Few’ that flew in the Battle of Britain. Around 3.000 people that belonged to that ‘aircrew’ in […]

  • Polar Winds

    Danielle Metcalfe- Chenail
    X X X X X
    224 pg.

    It gives a special feeling when you are reading on the 38th degree of latitude with 35 degrees a book about aviation in the Canadian region above the 60st degree of latitude with temperatures in winter of 40 degrees Celsius below zero, a difference of 75 degrees Celsius! At least the book provides cooling with […]

  • The mighty Eighth at war

    Martin W. Bowman
    Pen & Sword Books
    X X X X X
    288 pg.
    Review written by: Max Heldring

    This 282 pages counting book tells about the actions of the 8th US air force during the Second World War. The 8th contained B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator bombers and operated from Great Britain under the command of brigadier general Ira. C. Eaker. The book gives a detailed overview of all the operations of […]

  • Aerotoxic Syndrome - Aviation’s Darkest Secret

    John Hoyte
    Pilot Press UK
    X X X X X
    229 pg.
    Review written by: Joris Gonggrijp

    “Till this day, the only thing filtering this toxic soup out of the cabin are the lungs of the passengers and crew”. This quote sets the tone for this book. A good listener only needs half a word: bleed air for the pressure cabin. With the introduction of the jet engine in the civilian aviation […]

  • Some great looking details of the famous Tiger Moth

    Pictures of these beautiful details were made on 30 april 2012 in the Netherlands! Let’s keep them flying! See also: http://vliegendmuseumseppe.nl/ (You can mail me to get highres-pictures)

  • Now, THIS is aviation!

      Queens Day over Holland 30th April 2012. See also:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czeCRib4k8U

  • Ize is exploring the Harrier flying principles

    Royal Netherlands Air Force Museum at Soesterberg (april 2012)

  • Cartoonists impression!