Reviews in English

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  • Imperial Outpost in the Gulf

    Nicholas Stanley-Price
    X X X X X
    238 pg.

    After having reviewed ‘History in the Arab Skies’ by Gerald Butt, quite by chance I came across this little gem of a book about Sharjah airfield, close to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Its author, Nicholas Stanley-Price, was the cultural heritage advisor to the Sharjah Museums Department in the UAE from 2007 to […]

  • The spectacle of flight

    Robert Wohl
    X X X X X
    323 pg.

    Never thought I would write 50 reviews about aviation books, but here it really is: my 50th review! And to think that, as a child, I hated books. I didn’t even read the bubbles in comic strips. I am humbly grateful to all those writers of beautiful books who gradually won me round! I carefully […]

  • Heroes and landmarks of British aviation

    Richard Edwards & Peter J. Edwards
    X X X X X
    257 pg.

    My interest in British aviation dates from a good 25 years ago when, as a boy I was regularly to be found, practically glued to the perimeter fence of RAF Wildenrath in Germany, jotting down airplane numbers. I’ve fished out the notebook I used at the time. Thumbing through it I see among the entries […]

  • A hundred feet over hell

    Jim Hooper
    Motorbooks International
    X X X X X X
    272 pg.

    The Vietnam war, which was in many ways an exceptional war – for the US, that is – ended some 40 years ago, but really good books about it continue to be published. The famous Chickenhawk by ex-UH-1 pilot Robert Mason came out in 1984. Karl Marlantes published his ‘Matterhorn’ in 2010, but we will […]

  • Last of the few

    Max Arthur
    X X X X X
    274 pg.

    You couldn’t get closer to the Battle of Britain than this book. Max Arthur has split the air war into 6 episodes from ‘Learning to fly’ to ‘First combat’ and ‘The battle for France’ right through to the different phases of the ‘Battle of Britain’ which was largely fought over the Channel and the U.K. […]

  • Alive

    Piers Paul Read
    Dutch, Spanish
    X X X X X
    334 pg.
    90 290 2673 1

    Many people might still recall the events of 13 October 1972, when a Fairchild F-227 of the Uruguayan air force crashed in the Andes with 45 people on board. The plane was carrying the members of a Uruguayan amateur rugby team along with some of their family members and friends, and it was bound for […]

  • History in the Arab skies

    Gerald Butt
    X X X X X
    232 pg.

    Imagine you can teleport yourself back to the year 1922 and then imagine that you are flying over 500 miles of unending sand from Cairo to Baghdad without any landmarks to help you. Oh, yes, there are no radio beacons and you don’t have any GPS, ATC, etc. How do you do that? Simple! You […]

  • Chickenhawk

    Robert Mason
    Penguin Books
    X X X X X X
    399 pg.

    We are transported back in time to the mid-sixties. For a twenty-year period between 1955 and 1975 war raged in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The plot revolves around the fact that a number of countries, including the US, considered that the communists were becoming far too powerful in the region and that something had to […]

  • Aerospace design

    Anthony M. Springer
    English, Dutch
    X X X X X
    191 pg.

    These days I am increasingly wondering whether I, as a reviewer of books, am critical enough. Could there possibly be a downside to holding a PPL License which might be causing me to devour only good books instead of reading mediocre to bad books and drilling them into the ground with a flourish? Is it […]

  • 6th june 1944 Overlord

    Serge Saint-Michel, Mister Kit, ea
    English, French, Dutch
    X X X X X
    82 pg.

    There is a magnificent Hawker Typhoon on the cover of this particular comic strip, and that’s why I bought it. The book is an instructive one due to its many beautiful drawings coupled with the stories in the speech balloons. Operation Overlord is the complex campaign that heralded the liberation of Europe and eventually led […]