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  • The Pilot, Fighter Planes and Paris

    Ed Cobleigh
    Check Six Books
    X X X X X
    214 pg.
    ISBN-10: 0692392068 ISBN-13: 978-0692392065
    Review written by: Joris Gonggrijp

    Three storylines converge in this book: flying fighter planes, interesting women and Paris. The Pilot travels, nameless, through time as a fighter pilot from the Sopwith Camel up to the Starfighter F 104, which brings him wide and far over the globe. He experiences in each of these periods, which embrace more than one human […]

  • SUKHOI Su-15- The Boeing Killer

    Yefim Gordon
    Pen and Sword Books
    X X X X X
    96 pg.
    978 1473823907
    Review written by: Max Heldring

    This is one of the many photo books published by Pen & Sword Books in A4 size with 96 pages filled with an overview of the history of this Russian warplane with more then 170  black and white and colour photos of the Su-15. The authors describe within the smallest details the development and the operational live […]