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  • Flyers are liars / Vliegers zijn liegers

    Jan Breman
    Reed Business
    English, Dutch
    X X X X X
    117 pg.
    10 9068825240

    From the warplanes of the Somme in France in WW1, we this time go to a volume with 9 stories which occured a bit later in the last century. The book is written by Jan Breman who has flown his whole life. He did it in many planes, and with this book he wants us […]

  • Battleground Europe Airfields & Airmen Somme

    Mike O’Connor
    Pen & Sword Books Ltd
    X X X X X
    160 pg.
    0 85052 864

    After reading some books related to the Falklands War about missions of the Vulcan and Harrier, I ended up via a number of books on war at Verdun and the Somme in the first world war, with this book about old aircraft flying at the Somme. Very old aircraft are not my favourite, but I […]