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  • Naast de landingsbaan

    Rob Dragt
    Penn Communicatie
    Dutch, English
    X X X X X
    144 pg.

    If you love pictures and heavy vehicles you need to ‘read’ this book! Rob Dragt has a fascination for heavy mobile equipment. Earlier he wrote books on special transportation & salvage vehicles. In this book he puts the focus on this type of equipment used to transport ‘written-off-aircraft’ and there is also focus on heavy […]

  • E.L.T.A. The first aviation exhibition Amsterdam 1919

    Rob Mulder
    X X X X X
    234 pg.

    Ever heard of this exhibition?! I had not! …. What you will first notice about this book is that it is relatively large. It is printed in A4 size and of excellent quality. When I opened it for the first time I noticed that it was written in a very detail oriented manner and that […]

  • Contrails

    Robert Anderson
    X X X X X
    336 pg.

    Contrails by Robert Anderson is the first piece of aviation fiction I have ever reviewed. It is an entertaining and funny novel which drew me in from the start. I found I couldn’t put down because I was so curious as to how the principal character, Sam Claymore, would end up. Sam is a pilot […]

  • Baling Out

    Robert Jackson
    Pen & Sword Books Ltd
    X X X X X X
    192 pg.
    978 1 84415 347 3

    It’s as if the devil is playing with it, but even now when I ‘just’ pulled ‘an-nice-looking-book’ off the bookshelf somewhere, it again appears to be … another great book. Maybe you think I am having shares of this publisher, but that’s not the fact I can assure you! This book is about the development […]

  • Chickenhawk

    Robert Mason
    Penguin Books
    X X X X X X
    399 pg.

    We are transported back in time to the mid-sixties. For a twenty-year period between 1955 and 1975 war raged in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The plot revolves around the fact that a number of countries, including the US, considered that the communists were becoming far too powerful in the region and that something had to […]

  • The spectacle of flight

    Robert Wohl
    X X X X X
    323 pg.

    Never thought I would write 50 reviews about aviation books, but here it really is: my 50th review! And to think that, as a child, I hated books. I didn’t even read the bubbles in comic strips. I am humbly grateful to all those writers of beautiful books who gradually won me round! I carefully […]

  • Cessna 172 - A pocket history

    Ron Smith
    X X X X X
    978 1 4456 0086 4

    The best-selling GA aircraft in the world; the Cessna 172! That’s where this book is about. What strikes you first, is that it is a small book (about 17 x 12 cm). The book is 128 pages thick and a ‘must have’ for every Cessna pilot and owner. From start to finish the book is […]

  • Classic light aircraft

    Ron Smith
    Shiffer Publishing ltd
    X X X X X
    415 pg.
    Review written by: Rene Verjans

    You must really love small aircraft an awful lot to be able to produce a book like this! More than 800 aircraft are listed in this bible of more than 400 pages thick! It is something like a Janes Defense…but then different. Not all ‘light aircraft’ are enlisted in this book, else it would be twice […]

  • Twin Cessna The Cessna 300 and 400 series of Light Twins

    Ron Smith
    Schiffer Publishing Ltd
    X X X X X
    127 pg.
    Review written by: Rene Verjans

    In the past when I was young…30 years ago..or so.. the air was still congested with planes. At least in the Netherlands! Anyway, that is my experience. If it weren’t jets, then it was a Boeing E3A Centry and if it wasn’t a Boeing, than you would hear the unmistakable sound of a 2 engine […]

  • Vulcan 607

    Rowland White
    Transworld Publishers Ltd
    X X X X X
    464 pg.

    It was last year when I walked at Schiphol Airport on a early morning looking for a newspaper. If you can only buy the Dutch Telegraph that is not really a choice I thought. At that moment my eye fell on an English book with a picture of a Vulcan-aircraft on the front ; Җulcan […]