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  • Air War Normandy

    Richard Townshend Bickers
    Pen & Sword Aviation; Reprint edition
    X X X X X
    176 pg.
    ISBN-10: 1473837952 ISBN-13: 978-1473837959
    Review written by: Max Heldring

    Many books have been written about the landings in Normandy also known as D-Day. This book describes specifically the battle in the air before, during and shortly after the landings in Normandy. Both parties the Allies and the Germans are telling their stories and personal experiences in this book. Per example during the preparations long […]

  • Not brave enough

    Rick Butcher
    X X X X X
    380 pg.

    This is a book that every beginning commercial pilot must read! It describes the pilot career of the author with all the ups-and-downs, and it quickly shows that there are plenty of them, in this story. After he has got his license, he works as a pilot instructor for a period in the small aviation. […]

  • A-3 Skywarrior: Units of the Vietnam War

    Rick Morgan
    Osprey Publishing
    X X X X X
    96 pg.
    ISBN-10: 147280564X ISBN-13: 978-1472805645
    Review written by: Pedro Blas Gonzalez

    The Vietnam War initiated the expansion and diversification of United States air power. After World War II and the Korean War, the U.S. military saw the need to create “heavy attack” bombers capable of being launched from aircraft carriers – which were becoming larger at the time. A-3 Skywarrior: Units of the Vietnam War is […]

  • Naast de landingsbaan

    Rob Dragt
    Penn Communicatie
    Dutch, English
    X X X X X
    144 pg.

    If you love pictures and heavy vehicles you need to ‘read’ this book! Rob Dragt has a fascination for heavy mobile equipment. Earlier he wrote books on special transportation & salvage vehicles. In this book he puts the focus on this type of equipment used to transport ‘written-off-aircraft’ and there is also focus on heavy […]

  • E.L.T.A. The first aviation exhibition Amsterdam 1919

    Rob Mulder
    X X X X X
    234 pg.

    Ever heard of this exhibition?! I had not! …. What you will first notice about this book is that it is relatively large. It is printed in A4 size and of excellent quality. When I opened it for the first time I noticed that it was written in a very detail oriented manner and that […]

  • Contrails

    Robert Anderson
    X X X X X
    336 pg.

    Contrails by Robert Anderson is the first piece of aviation fiction I have ever reviewed. It is an entertaining and funny novel which drew me in from the start. I found I couldn’t put down because I was so curious as to how the principal character, Sam Claymore, would end up. Sam is a pilot […]

  • Baling Out

    Robert Jackson
    Pen & Sword Books Ltd
    X X X X X X
    192 pg.
    978 1 84415 347 3

    It’s as if the devil is playing with it, but even now when I ‘just’ pulled ‘an-nice-looking-book’ off the bookshelf somewhere, it again appears to be … another great book. Maybe you think I am having shares of this publisher, but that’s not the fact I can assure you! This book is about the development […]

  • Chickenhawk

    Robert Mason
    Penguin Books
    X X X X X X
    399 pg.

    We are transported back in time to the mid-sixties. For a twenty-year period between 1955 and 1975 war raged in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The plot revolves around the fact that a number of countries, including the US, considered that the communists were becoming far too powerful in the region and that something had to […]

  • The spectacle of flight

    Robert Wohl
    X X X X X
    323 pg.

    Never thought I would write 50 reviews about aviation books, but here it really is: my 50th review! And to think that, as a child, I hated books. I didn’t even read the bubbles in comic strips. I am humbly grateful to all those writers of beautiful books who gradually won me round! I carefully […]

  • Cessna 172 - A pocket history

    Ron Smith
    X X X X X
    978 1 4456 0086 4

    The best-selling GA aircraft in the world; the Cessna 172! That’s where this book is about. What strikes you first, is that it is a small book (about 17 x 12 cm). The book is 128 pages thick and a ‘must have’ for every Cessna pilot and owner. From start to finish the book is […]